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Chůva Mary Poppins, čtení pohádek dětem

Experienced nanny

means yours and your children’s comfort!

We will choose a suitable nanny according to your specific requirements and preferences.


Work as a nanny

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Babysitting &
care for the household

Nannies, housekeepers, hostess and more...

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Why should you choose Mary Poppins Agency?

We take care of your comfort

Selected nannies have pedagogical or medical education, have completed special courses, have experience in social services
or school facilities, or have experience
with foreign au pair stays.


The professionalism of mediated nanny
is guaranteed because we only choose
and offer workers who have experience
with children and positive recommendations.

Šťastná rodina díky Mary Poppins

We save your time!

We primary choose nannie from our prepared database. We’ve already had interviews with nannies and we know exactly what you need, that is why it is not necessary for you to spent time looking for nanny by yourself.

We save your money!

We guarantee the selection of the nanny within your budget and this amount stays unchangeable
in the future.


We do not charge service fee from
a babysitter’s salary. The average hourly wage of nanny is 140 CZK, which is significantly lower than
the market price!


If it is necessary to substitute
a babysitter we will provide a new one for free within the contract term.


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Our services

We choose nanny in accordance with your requirements and budget:

 Nanny for infants, afternoon nanny, nanny with knowledge of foreign language, night nanny, etc.
One hour of babysitters work costs from 130 CZK.

We make an interview with candidate in a convenient place:

Our office is only 5 minutes from metro station and
it is possible to make an interview there or at your home when it’s convenient to you.

We check nanny’s experience and responsibility insurance:

We personally meet the nannies and check their references from previous families. On request, the nanny's liability can be insured with a reliable Czech insurance company.

Throughout the duration of the contract, we support you and provide you consultations:

You can contact us about nanny's work anytime.

We fulfil complicated requirements:

Nannies practice the Montessori Early Development Method, the Waldorf's School, artetherapy and more. The nannies speak English, German, French, Italian and other world languages.

We work until you are satisfied:

We will provide as many interviews with as many candidates as you need to find the best option.

We provide substitution of a nanny for free within the contract term:

If it is necessary to substitute a nanny, we will provide a new one for free within the contract term.






nannies in
our database

CZK is average hourly wage of nanny

 minutes to find and contact suitable candidates

 hours of free time for parents



Do you need a nanny for your child?

Make a query and we will call you!


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The payment depends only on the duration of the contract, during which we guarantee you a free exchange of the nanny. Payment does not depend on the workload of the nanny, her financial reward or professional skills.

Payment is easy and stable!

Each clients has maximum level of service:

• nanny provision

• trial week of nanny

• free exchange of nanny

• assistance service

• consultation

      14 000 CZK  contract for 3 months


      22 000 CZK  contract for 6 months

260 CZK/hour SOS nanny



make a query and send us an individual demand

Spokojení rodiče i dítě díky Mary Poppins

For what do you pay?

• We make personal interviews and choose the best, educated, experienced, reliable and responsible nannies.


• We regularly organize trainings and seminars for our nannies, so that they can look after your children even better.


• We have an extensive database and in a few minutes we will select a suitable candidate for you.


• We offer a nanny replacement guarantee for 3 or 6 months.

Other services


Cleaning ladies

For quality cleaning of your home, we offer mediation of reliable and tidy cleaning ladies.


The work of the cleaning lady is thorough cleaning of the house: Vacuuming and wiping floors, dusting, washing windows, cleaning the bathroom, etc.

The mediation fee for housekeeper, cleaning lady or hostess is same as the mediation fee for nanny.

For kids events or other kinds of events, such as weddings, we provide active, experienced and entertaining animators.


Animators will prepare activities for children by age and type of event and assist them while playing.


We will provide a children's corner for events of all kinds.


Art boxes and boxes with toys, blanket with pillows, dining chairs, tent, slide and swing and other corner equipment of your choice.


We will also provide a children's photocorner and a professional photographer.


We also offer provision of reliable
and experienced housekeepers to take care of your household.


The work of the housekeeper is the house cleaning (dusting, sweeping etc.), cooking, washing and ironing, shopping, watering flowers, small garden work, pet care.

We offer reliable and representative hostesses for social, cultural, corporate and other kinds of events.


The work of the hostess is primarily communication with guests, product presentations or distribution of promotional materials.



Hotel nannies

For your dear hotel guests, we provide nannies who can accompany your guests with their children throughout their stay in Prague, or just in special days or hours.

Thanks to the nanny, the whole family will enjoy the stay without any worries. For foreign guests, we can arrange nannies with a knowledge of foreign language.


Children's corner

How we work

You can contact us by phone
or we will call you back on your request

An experienced manager finds out what exactly you need

We have a candidate for you
and we are ready to schedule
an interview

Conclusion of the contract and deposit of 4000 CZK

Interviews with candidates in our office or at your home

A nanny has

an probationary period

Payment of the remaining part of our services depending on the length of contract

In the period of the contract’s validity free substitution of nanny is possible, if required

Chůva od Mary Poppins s miminkem

Would you like to work as a nanny?

Join us!

With us, you have certainty of quality and stable employment in family of your choice.

The average wage of a nanny is 140 CZK/per hour.
We do not take any registration fees from nannies.


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Phone number: +420 777 770 193


Email: info@mpoppins.cz

Meetings and interviews take place at:


Revoluční 8

110 00  Praha 1

Czech republic


Building A, 3rd floor, office number 313

Do you need a nanny for your child?

Make a query and we will call you!

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